Does Excess Masturbation Have Any Side-Effects?

Masturbation can be the best self-satisfying technique to fulfill the needs and urges. Such self-service can be one of the best and healthiest way to explore desires.

Does Excess Masturbation Have Any Side Effects

According to sex experts, masturbation can be an effective way to enhance sexual health. Also, it can help to lead a healthy life.

Thanks to technologies, youngsters can explore their desires in the best way, Porn is I am talking about. Those sexual and erotic clips and videos are indeed an effective way to gain interest in sex.

Masturbation is one such act that can help satisfy healthily and understand the needs. But do you think excess bothering to your Iron Man can be beneficial? Think twice if you think, yes!

Excess Masturbation: Healthy Or Harmful?

Definitely harmful. No doubt as every action has an equal and opposite reactions. Thus, masturbation can be the best mood enhancer, but excess can be detrimental.

This is the reason why we believe the young adults need Sex Education. Indeed, it is important to knowledge kids about good and bad about sex and satisfaction.

Before we look at the side-effects of excess, let’s see the good sides. The below list are the benefits of masturbation:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Improves Sexual health
  • Enhances sperm quality and quantity
  • Increases libido

Masturbation Can Help Increase Sex Drive And Performance

These are the some of the benefits of masturbation. Let’s take a look on the other side of the coin: the adverse effects of excess masturbation

Side-Effects Of Excess Masturbation

As discussed, every action has an equal and opposite reaction; excess jerking can be harmful too.

Don’t worry it might not cause any severe issues but surely it can if taken lightly. The excess satisfaction cause:

Premature Aging

According to the health experts, masturbating 4-5 times a day can bring down the energy levels, affecting the physical health. Not only physical fitness but also bring downs the testosterone levels, affecting its production.

The lesser energy can affect the body’s stamina, strength, and performance, keeping you weak and drained.

Sexual Disorders

This can be the conclusion for your excess jerking. Yes! And young guys and men reading this section, please take it seriously. Ejaculating excessively can cause Erectile Dysfunction or commonly known as Impotence.

Excess orgasms can bring the testosterone levels, as discussed, affecting the sexual health and erections. There are also cases of men achieving softer and weaker erection, causing Premature Ejaculation.

Premature Ejaculation

Just as we understood, excess ejaculation can cause Premature Ejaculation or P.E; this is an early sign for Impotence. Although PE causes for various reasons in men, it can also cause ED.

PE does not allow an individual to enjoy the natural and erotic sexual games. Also, it affects the penis to lose its firm erections. This disorder is one of the major reasons for breaking the healthiest relationships.

Hair Loss

One of the common side-effects of excess jerking, hair loss can be seen in young adults and boys. According to the reports, boys in their 20s have also noticed the side-effects of extreme ejaculation through hair loss.

This makes the young birds look older, uglier and bald. Yes, it can go severe, making hairless permanently. So this is why we advise the new generation to hold your thoughts, desires, and hands.

Body Weakness

Body weakness is the common phenomenon in the people who masturbate a lot. As discussed above that masturbation drains you entirely with no energy and power; this affects your physical fitness and health.

Masturbating excessively can keep your body tired, dizzy and extremely lazy. This is the reason why we believe Gen-X should keep patience and indulge in physical fitness. Try keeping the body and mind healthy to enhance future.

Before we conclude our article on excess masturbation, we would like to give a piece of advice.

A Piece Of Advise

This is not only for the younger generations but also all men of all the age groups. I know there are times that you can not control but to fulfill your urges. That is fine and healthy, no doubt.

However, masturbating for no reason, no urges can be problematic. Especially you masturbate continuously. Jerking excess each day can degrade your penis powers, testosterone, and sexual health.

This is the reason why we ask to self-satisfy yourself when you really feel the urge. No things are beneficial when there is no emotion. So do it when you feel it. It is good for you!

Excess Masturbation Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Bottom Line

Now you know that excess playing with a penis can cause some serious problems. So keep your mind focus more on productive things. Things or activities that can help develop physically, mentally and sexually.

Indulge in activities that help to enhance moods, reduce stress and anxieties. Make sure that you masturbate once or twice a week and 8- 10 times a month.

This can help the physical fitness enhanced, and so is sexual health!

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